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A few scribbles about me:

Hello there! You got curious, huh? Well, I'm glad. I'm a writer, artist, designer and mom who loves to celebrate the simple joys in the everyday, my children's laughter and good friends around my kitchen table.

I'm a Storyteller at heart with a passionate, creative soul. The need to be creative and nurturing in my daily life is like breathing. I am always content when I am creating something, whether that be a well-turned phrase or a well-turned omelet.

I love details and the way they can make anything special; I can be almost obsessive about them at times. Actually, I hate to admit this, but there are moments when I catch myself being a little too 'Martha-Stewart-like', from making sure the fresh scent of just laundered sheets fill a room, to the proper use of grammar (I still can't bring myself to use SMS lingo when I text). Just writing that about me makes me want to roll my eyes at myself, but believe me, I am much less disciplined than that sounds, really! I just enjoy and cherish the small, simple pleasures in life's moments and creating a cozy and inspired home for my family.  

I do my crosswords in pen, take my espresso without sugar and make the best apple strudel this side of the Alps. I love becoming lost in a good read, losing track of time while working and creating, and watching black and white movies from the 30's and 40's, especially if Cary Grant is in them. I adore my quirky 100 year old home, my "whipped-butter-and-sugar" yellow kitchen, and making special treats from the oven on cold, grey afternoons.

I treasure my friends, I am learning to treasure 'me' and above all else, I treasure the sound of my children's laughter, no matter what age they are.

If you were to ask my boys now about me they would probably tell you that:

  • I'm a 'tad' on the protective side (guilty)
  •  that I love to gather them at the kitchen table whenever possible  (true; since they've become teenagers, it's seems to be the only place I get to see them for five minutes, and that's because of voracious growing boys' appetites!)
  • that I'm a stickler for details                                (Aha! You see? Paying attention to those small things does come in handy, like noticing gym kits left behind, homework assignments left in the printer or even that school uniform tie left in the backseat)
  • that I am dedicated, supportive, showing up for every game, concert, and school play, and think nothing of going that extra mile to make sure something is done well   (hmm...now I wonder, could they possibly infer that 'extra mile' to mean, "mom is such a sweetheart that she doesn't mind dropping everything she's doing just so she could make a second trip to school and deliver those forgotten gym kits, homework and school tie, even after telling her we didn't need reminding, thank you, because we had everything"?)
  • that I ask way too many questions                         (in defense of all mothers everywhere, it's part of the job description to ask all those questions, in fact it's written in the first line of the Official Mommy Contract: "A mother shall protect, nurture and be all knowing nosey aware of what is going on in the life of her child)
  • that they are sometimes held 'victims' as passengers during car trips   (Any mom to teenagers who happens to be with them while they are seat-belted in a car with no choice but to stay and listen, will recognize that she finally has the floor and yep, anything from reminding them about not leaving wet towels on the floor, to asking about their day or that physics test is fair game.)
  • that I embarrass them when I decide to dance to 'Santana' while cooking (I've come to understand that for teenage boys, moms are too old to wiggle their hips and there is just no excuse for this, even if you tell them that pots and pans are more fun to stir with a little Latin rhythm. Oh, for those days when they would enthusiastically insist, "Let's do that again, Mommy!"; teenagers seem to lose their sense of humour, don't they?)
  • or worse, further embarrass them by singing in the car  (not guilty folks; the windows are always closed when I do this and last time I checked, finger tapping and a little head bopping to music was not against the law, even in the presence of teenagers).


There are a few other fascinating details about me that I could offer here, but I think about now you might just be regretting you ever clicked that "About Me" tab. Besides, if you're really interested, it would be more fun for you to discover them for youreself through my SoulScribbles in this Journal. I am so glad that you dropped by and I hope you do so again soon; who knows, maybe next time you might even share some of your own soul scribbles with me. I look forward to that.